An IVC filter is a medical device with a spider like shape that is inserted into the Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) of a person who cannot take blood-thinning medications.  The Inferior Vena Cava is the largest vein in the body, and its main function is to return blood from the lower part of the body to one’s heart.  The Inferior Vena Cava vein runs through the abdominal cavity.


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The Main Purpose Of IVC Filters

An IVC filters’ main purpose is to catch blood clots that originate from the legs, and to stop them from reaching the lungs.  Furthermore, these blood clots may occur in different parts of the body.  A blood clot in the leg is called deep vein thrombosis, while a blood clot in the lungs is referred to as pulmonary thrombosis.  There are both permanent and removable IVC Filters.  Temporary IVC filters are supposed to be removed within a few weeks of implantation, but are often left in far longer.  In fact, most of the time, the temporary IVC filters become un-removable.

Various Risks Involved With IVC Filters

Various studies show that IVC filters can create serious risks, and cause serious injury.  The various risks include device fracture and migrations, and also perforation, which can lead to the injury of vital organs.

Why Manufacturers Are Responsible For The Injuries Caused By IVC Filters

Manufacturers are supposed to manufacture products that are effective and safe.  This is why they are supposed to get their products tested before they are released into the market.  There are many lawsuits filed against the IVC filter manufacturers (including Bard, Cook and Cordis) that allege that these companies should have known, or even knew, that the devices were defective.  In addition, the lawsuits allege that the IVC filter manufacturers and medical device companies failed to conduct the appropriate product testing.

The Claims That Patients Can Bring Against IVC Filter Injuries

Patients injured by an IVC filter should contact us immediately for a free consultation. After it has been determined that there has been an IVC filter injury, our lawyers will file a lawsuit against the manufacturers responsible.  Lawsuits are filed because of the significant injuries that IVC filters can cause to one’s body.  By filing your lawsuit with, our lawyers will help you obtain the best possible settlement.  We believe that if the manufacturers are found liable for your IVC filter injuries then we will be able to help secure you a favorable recovery.  This recovery will see to it that the manufacturers will be held responsible for paying for your medical expenses that were caused by the IVC filter injury.  In the case that the patient has died, the family is entitled to seek damages by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.



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